About our Hiking and Mountain Bike Trails

Candle Creek now has an established hiking and mountain biking trail network of 22 km. The network offers a full range riding – from green family friendly riding to a few black downhill trails. Many of the trails are rideable in both directions creating the opportunity for different loop options. For shuttle access to the top of the network use Road 9 and Road 90.

Green Difficulty = 7.3 km

Blue Difficulty = 12 km

Black Difficulty = 3 km

Trails are accessible from either:

1. The Candle Creek parking lot at the end of Barber Road; travel north on
Highway 5 about 2 km past the Info Centre or Dairy Queen, then turn left onto Candle Creek Road. Follow this up for 2 km and turn right on Barber Road. The parking-lot is right at the end of Barber Road.


2. The Raft Canyon Rim viewpoint at the bottom of the network at 2 km Road 9. Travel north of Clearwater about 4 km, turn left at Wadleggers Mill.

Visitors are always very welcome. There is a $10 trail donation required per visit which goes towards our trail building costs, payable at the ‘honour-boxes’ at the trailhead, by email transfer to: or via Paypal. Consider becoming a member to have unlimited trail access.


For the most up-to-date trail info:

Wells Gray Outdoors Club Mountain Bike Trail Map

WGOC_Bike_Trails_Map PDF_May 2020