WGOC — Candle Creek Trails
Grooming Report

Last updated: 2013 01 30

Please remember, dogs are not allowed on the ski trails at anytime during the operating season.
The dogs run down the trackline and punch holes. They can also cause collisions with skiers. If you wish to ski with dogs, please ski the trails at North Thompson Park.

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Latest Grooming: 2013 01 30

The Raft, Swamp, Baker Ellen, Ridge and Bend were groomed today.

Grooming: 2013 01 24

Grooming completed at Raft River Elementary and North Thompson River Provincial Park ths morning.

Grooming: 2013 01 19

Outer Bend and the Lower and Upper Elevator groomed this morning.

Lower Elevator; photo by Dave Poole

North Thompson Park

These tracks will not be set if the temperature is above 0° C because the groomers have a tendency to plow the snow rather than to set tracks. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Note: The road down to the hill to the trails requires a capable vehicle.