Rabbits Program

The Club runs a full BC Rabbits series: this program provides a fun introduction to cross-country skiing for children starting at age 4 to 14 years old.

The Club organises eight lessons per season, which take skiers through a progression of proficiency badges; we also run a night ski, races and fun-day, as well as other special events.

All Rabbits must provide a completed Rabbit Medical Form.

Please mail the form(s) and fee(s) to the address listed in the Contact Us section of the website, leave them at Dutch Lake Community Centre/ YCS or at the Wadlegger mill office. Please make cheques payable to the Wells Gray Outdoors Club.

For general information on skill development programs for children look here.

The Rabbit Ski Program starts on the first Sunday January and will run for 8 weeks – every Sunday at 2pm at the Candle Creek Trails. If you are interested in the program, or know those who are, please contact me at hazelwadlegger@hotmail.com.

The lessons are approximately 1 hour long. Following the lesson, we will have hot chocolate and cookies.

Jackrabbit Skill Development Program Promo from Ken Matheson on Vimeo.